Body Health


Eating wholesome meals. Being active. Getting enough sleep. These are key ingredients for our sense of well being. As we age, we may develop various age related ailments. It is crucial that we take steps to support our health and strengthen our bodies. Some of you reading this may already be experiencing various ailments. However, it is never too late to heal from within. My lifestyle choices are improving supported by doTERRA's supplement line, Lifelong Vitality Pack.



From the time we are young, we hear about the importance of taking care of our skin - from our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and a barrage of societal ads. Many of us don't take this too seriously, until we start to show signs of aging. My basic wellness lifestyle includes doTERRA's Essential Skin Care line.  My routine is quick, easy and I feel simply refreshed! Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Essential Oils


Mother Nature provided us with Natural Health and Wellness from the beginning of time. The majority of us have been raised to reach for pharmaceutical drugs (which do have their place) when we are not feeling well. Our bodies are loosing their natural ability to fight off viruses & illness. Since being introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils, I've incorporated them into my personal return to wellness and my use of over the counter pharmaceutical drugs has reduced by 95%. 

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